Thank you for your interest in the UM Dual Enrollment Early College Program. As an Early College student you will be taking classes at one of our campuses or online. You will be admitted to Missoula College but will still be a University of Montana student. According to the Montana Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education (OCHE), in order to be eligible for dual enrollment, a student must be between the ages of 16–19 and/or junior/senior high school standing. Our Dual Enrollment program does allow students to apply for an exception. The purpose of this application is to clarify the responsibilities of students choosing to enroll in the DE program. Admitted students under the age of 16 have the same rights and responsibilities as any other college student. Our program requires that every underage student and their parent or legal guardian review the details of this agreement. By signing, all parties acknowledge and accept the expectations of the DE Early College Program. Early College students are expected to conduct themselves in a manner appropriate for higher education and understand they are choosing to learn in an adult-oriented educational environment.

Before beginning this application please be sure you have the following material:

  • Student and parent/guardian email addresses.
  • High School or Homeschool Transcript.
  • Letter of recommendation from an impartial third party OR your calendar ready so that you can set up an advising appointment. 

For any questions please email our office at 

If you have not already scheduled an appointment you may do so here:

Please know that I cannot guarantee placement in the courses you requested during our appointment or when you fill out your application it all depends on what is open at the time you are able to register. This is why it is important to apply and get registered early if you can.

To view application dates and deadlines please visit our website:  

Please fill out one form for each course you are planning on offering during the 2020-2021 academic year. Have your syllabus for the course ready to upload.
Syllabus from the high school must include:
a) faculty contact information,
b) course description,
c) course objectives/outcomes - Here is a link where you can view statewide outcomes
d) course text(s) and materials
e) grading criteria, (if necessary, agreed upon modification of grading for year-long course)
f) grading scale,
g) course policies,
h) University of Montana Academic Integrity policy (provided below)
i) Your policies on students with disabilities, i.e. how they arrange for accomodations, etc.
ACADEMIC INTEGRITY:   All students must practice academic honesty.  Academic misconduct is subject to an academic penalty by the course instructor and/or a disciplinary sanction by the University.  All students need to be familiar with the Student Conduct Code.  The Code is available for review online at  

Thank you for your interest in teaching a course in partnership with the University of Montana. Before filling out these forms please make sure to fill out the faculty affiliate form which can be found here. Please have your resume and unofficial college transcripts ready to upload. Becoming a faculty affiliate will enable you to get a Griz Card, have access to CyberBear, and access to other University of Montana resources. Completing these forms does not guarantee approval as a faculty affiliate nor does it obligate the University of Montana to offer the class for dual credit. 

This scholarship is for current Dual Enrollment students who have used their 6 free credits. To be eligible students must be enrolled in only 100 or 200 level courses and the student or someone in their household must be participating in one or more of these eligible government assistance programs:

  • Receive Free or Reduced Lunch
  • Participate in Montana Healthy Kids or Medicaid
  • Receive SNAP or WIC benefits
  • Receive TANF or SSI benefits
  • Receive a Section 8 Housing Voucher
  • Participate in a Head Start Program
  • are a McKinney-Vento Participant
UM Dual Enrollment